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Feeling unclear?

Whether you’ve been feeling “meh” for a while, are going round in circles; are unsure of how or where you fit in the world, or are facing struggles, isn’t it time to support yourself by talking to someone and finding a way through?


Taking hold of your life and having the courage to look at and work through your difficulties will open possibilities for creating the type of reality you wish to create.

Hi, I'm Gill Figaji

We are all in the trenches learning to understand and accept ourselves.

Life is a journey.

By uncovering the essence of who we are, how we connect + show up in the world – we are then able to continue our life journey with greater self-awareness
and self-knowing.

I am not an expert on you.

But as someone who is working on being an expert on me, my journey to becoming an accredited integral coach has included a background in Learning + Development, a passion for self-care and understanding what a holistic life is all about.

Through sharing the tools I have learnt – it has deepened my desire to help others discover and connect with their authentic selves… coaching you helps me live my true purpose.

Lets help you find yours.

x Gill

How it works

Coaching using the integrative approach – will look at the whole person. 

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What they had to say

Some of our past clients have shared these lovely words with us:

She takes a holistic approach to coaching which helped me establish healthy habits that extended and benefitted me beyond the scope of just my career.

Gill helped me to break down challenges and objectives into manageable chunks with practical solutions. At the same time she guided me to identifying how broadly held beliefs I had about myself and the world was holding me back which enabled me to unlock more of my greater potential.

I enjoyed the balance between free flowing conversations and guided structure, allowing for both unrestrictive thinking as well as a practical roadmap for a clearer way forward.

Joni Vally Senior Planner, Fabiani

I started attending life coaching when I needed help to attain a professional goal.  Through your valuable insight and discernment, you helped me determine what was really important to me.

I realised that my goal was misguided and was not going to fulfill as I had hoped it would.  You have helped me to identify more rewarding and fulfilling goals based on my value system rather than on society's norms. 

Working with you has also given me the courage to explore new ways to communicate my ideas and needs.  I'm living in a bolder and more visible way. Gill, I mean every word.  You have really changed my life.

Colleen Scott-Parkin Legal Admin Manager

Gill has been an inspirational coach and mentor to me as an aspiring coach. I have been fortunate enough to have had a number of coaches over the last 15 years, Gill has however been by far the best coach I have had.

Gill’s  depth of knowledge, skill and genuine passion for coaching continues to motivate  and drive me to explore more of myself and the world in searching for my true self. I could not recommend Gill more highly to help you on your life journey!

Andrew Whitty Finance Professional

I met Gill in 2007 as a graduate trainee; Gill has been coaching me since 2012. I can honestly say her valuable input has been life-changing – personally and in terms of my career trajectory.

Gill follows an holistic approach in her coaching style and methodology; her calm demeanour and excellent listening ability makes every coaching session a valuable and meaningful one.

I particularly enjoyed the work we’ve done on the Enneagram assessment and feedback, Gill incorporated into our recent sessions. Would highly recommend Gill if you are looking for a kind, considerate, well-versed, empathetic and excellent executive coach! 

Nicole Petersen Head of Careers and Alumni /Moshal South Africa

Gill is a gifted coach, inspiring, insightful, energising and revealing.

Gill is intuitive and a gifted listener. It's more than empathy and ability to focus on someone else; she is able to quickly distill what she has heard in a way that adds meaningful direction and credible insights to catalyse new thinking and behaviours.

If you are looking for someone to confide in, learn from about yourself, your professional skills, your career ambitions and your potential, look no further than Gill.

Jody van Der Heyde Head of Marketing Lactalis South Africa

I have had the privilege of being coached by Gill Figaji for over 3 years. I was particularly impressed with Gill’s approach. She is exceptionally supportive, professional and invested in allowing me to discover the “better version” of myself. 

Gill’s holistic approach to each session has invited me to apply different lenses to different situations with me being at the centre of control.

This has led me through a journey of self-discovery and tremendous growth, professionally and personally. Our sessions provide clarity and perspective, she comes with a heartfelt recommendation.

Lyle Paul Head of Marketing Fabiani & G-Star Raw

What started as a few sessions of Coaching to help me process what the Enneagram revealed has turned into a valued space where I can dream big and take the journey to become who I need to be.

Gill is a gift. Insightful and gentle while being bold and honest means she has facilitated change in my life.

For me, this space is sacred and - even though I am in a different country - I know Gill is championing my corner. I am thankful for Gill’s genuine care and support.

Rev. Elizabeth Squires Wales, United Kingdom

Gill has taught me a lot about self-kindness and self-compassion. In her coaching process she takes the approach that allows the client to first ensure their own well-being and to continuously build the capacity to self manage and lead in a way that promotes holistic well-being for the client.

Heinrich Minnaar Industrial Psychologist

You don't have to go through this alone.

After helping many people through their personal struggles, identity, career transitions or leadership – I know that when they connect with and trust themselves to show up authentically – they go on to live with greater internal alignment.

Our Services

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