Gill Figaji

Our Processes

There are so many aspects that impact you each day.

We believe that to help, we need to look at the whole person.

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Trained in integral coaching methodology...

means that when coaching you, we look at all the aspects that make up who you are – mind, body and spirit.

This way we are able to make sure that the change you make is not only effective, but life changing too.

So what does the coaching process look like?

Coaching is a structured and loose process aimed at supporting the Client to meet their coaching outcomes. 

A 20 minute initial meet up to discuss the client’s needs and to gauge mutual energy. As coaching is a personal, revealing, challenging process its important that there is resonance between client and coach and the chemistry session helps both parties decide if there is mutual energy connection. Once parties are comfortable to work together they contract on duration, cost, process, and boundaries.

The presenting issue is the reason the client gives for why they are coming for coaching. Sometimes this shifts as the process deepens.

The in-take happens at the start of the coaching journey and orientates the coach around the client’s background and context and helps the coach understand the clients structure of interpretation.

 The coach and client agree what the goals or outcomes for their work together are going to be. The coach designs a coaching programme aligned to the agreed outcomes.

A conversation the coach has with the client (oftentimes more than once) to agree commitment to the coaching programme and outcomes and to discuss potential resistance or obstacles.

A periodic standstill where the coach and client assess progress towards agreed outcomes and may decide to amend goals based on new needs.

What they had to say

Some of our past clients have shared these lovely words with us:

Gill does an incredible job of balancing personal issues with the realities of corporate life. She allowed my personal and work history space to breathe and feel safe whilst focusing me on how I could better navigate management with calm, authenticity and without fear.

What’s most incredible is that when I’ve run into Gill after our sessions, she’s remembered the details and always cared about how I am. I wholeheartedly recommend working with her, she’s wonderful.

Bryan Vally Planning Manager

Gill is an exceptional listener with the warmth of a mother and an ear of a friend. She gives great support and the mental exercises (and sometimes physical) she recommends are still a benefit to me years later.

Gill’s coaching sessions are better than expected and she really helps you gain the self-awareness, assertiveness, calmness and whatever it is that is needed to better yourself. I highly recommend Gill.

Nura Brandreth HR Specialist: Learning and Development Co-ordinator (UCT)

Gill is a kind, compassionate coach who holds a warm container with her presence. She is non-judgemental and authentic, which has encouraged me to be honest and open just as I am, while also knowing she will be true in her response, feedback and coaching. Ever grateful to know her.

Milena Gevers Certified Integral Coach


Coaching is a professional service in which coaches work with clients using different methods and tools to support them in processing struggle and in knowing themselves.

No, coaching references the past but does not offer professional psychological diagnosis.

The enneagram describes 9 types and shows how each type has disconnected from true self and inner knowing by deploying type specific behavioural strategies based on defences and identifiable developmental heart wounds.

The Enneagram offers a clear map of your chosen behavioural strategies to live in the world. Enneagram coaching offers a mirror. You are firstly invited to look within (self observation). This allows you to see your behavioural patterns more clearly. Then, over time you will increase your understanding of the motives of your behaviour (self understanding). Lastly you are invited to grow the capacity of your compassionate internal observer which facilitates self generation and self correction.